APWEN Lagos Chapter held its annual family get together at Ndubuisi Kanu Park, Alausa, Ikeja on 20th January, 2018. It was a wonderful occasion that hosted several dignitaries from the Association and its broader body, the Nigerian Society of Engineers, as well as families of members, including children.

In attendance were the founder of the Association, Engr. Olu A. Maduka, the 15th APWEN president, Engr. Felicia N. Agubata, the immediate past Chairman APWEN Lagos, Engr. Angelique Ikwuka, Past Chairman NSE Lagos Branch, Engr. Yetunde Holloway, Past APWEN president, Engr. Olayinka Abdul, Engr. Magaret Oguntala, and many others.

Members had a jolly time and participated heartily in the various activities lined up on the programme itinerary, which included: couples games, children's games, eating and drinking and general convivial merriment accompanied with bonding. The food served was special because in the true spirit of love feast, members brought traditional gourmet dishes for all in attendance; ekuru, ofada, jollof rice, amala with gbegiri and ewedu, and even drinks like zobo, kunu, etc all found safe passage down the throats of those present.

There was more to the affair than eating and drinking. A young Engineer, Miss Ibitoye, full of wisdom and exhortative words, gave a health talk and Engr. Zansi Adebowale, drawing from her depth of experience, talked about the importance of mentorship.

Wrapping things up, Engr. Magaret Oguntala admonished and thanked all the families in attendance for the support they demonstrated towards our female engineers, which is an important factor that enables them to participate actively in the association's activities and their profession.